The County Speaks Out


County residents speak out about the threats to Prince Edward County from industrial wind turbines

Prince Edward County, January 18, 2016 – Fifteen well-known County residents, business owners and elected representatives have made video statements to express their personal concerns about industrial wind projects planned for Prince Edward County.

The statements are intended especially for the benefit of people living in the County who, because of family or work obligations, have not had sufficient opportunity to inform themselves on this issue. County residents Borys Holowacz, Janna McCarthy and Gary Mooney collaborated with the participants to produce the videos, which were filmed and edited by Cherry Valley’s Fifth Town Films.

“We had a long list of possible participants who have been actively involved in this issue, but limited ourselves to fifteen people who represent a cross-section of the community”, said Gary Mooney. “We’re very pleased and grateful for their contributions”.

The videos average two minutes each, and cover a range of topics, including effects on the natural environment, human health, tourism, the wine industry, cultural heritage and municipal planning.

In his video, County resident and music industry legend Bernie Finkelstein invites Premier Wynne to visit the County, suggesting: “Come and have a glass of wine… and give a second thought to the idea of carpeting the County with wind turbines”.

The videos are being uploaded in stages every few days to .


For more information, contact:
Janna McCarthy,
Gary Mooney,, 613-919-8765


Everyone is in favour of more renewable energy and less burning of fossil fuels. But many people oppose locating industrial wind turbines where they can harm human health, the natural environment and/or the local economy.

Two wind projects, Ostrander Point (9 turbines) and White Pines (27 turbines) have approved by the Wynne government, to be deployed over a large area of South Marysburgh, extending into Athol.

The undeveloped part of this area is habitat for birds and turtles, including 20+ species at risk, and is also a staging area for migrating birds and bats. The developed part is home to hundreds of County families.

Following is a map showing the cumulative Turbine Risk Zone for both wind projects, with 2 km considered to be the minimum safe distance for people and birds.

Note: The White Pines wind project has since been reduced from 30 to 27 turbines.

Note: The White Pines wind project has since been reduced from 30 to 27 turbines.

It is expected that industrialization of south County by wind projects will reduce the attractiveness of the County as a whole, leading to reduced tourism and long-term population decline.

Both wind project approvals are being appealed, by PECFN and APPEC respectively, with considerable anticipation of success. Otherwise, these wind projects will be built later this year, or next.

PECFN and APPEC are faced with tens of thousands of dollars of unpaid legal bills from these appeals. Donations of any amount are welcome at .

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