Yard Sale – FUNDRAISER FOR South Shore Appeal Fund

Save the South Shore Yard Sale

Save the South Shore Yard Sale

When: MAY 28 (rain date May 29) – 8 am to 2 pm
Where: 14011 Highway #33, near corner of County Rd 32

This is a reminder that the Yard Sale is Saturday May 28 from 8 am to 2 pm (rain date May 29). The Yard Sale will be at its usual location at the big barn on 14011 Highway #33 (Loyalist Parkway near corner of County Road #32).

Come out on Saturday to browse!  There will be lots of interesting items at reasonable prices and who knows, you might just find a treasure or two. All funds from sales of items go to the South Shore Appeal Fund, to help pay off APPEC’s and PECFN’s legal bill for the ERTs.

Donations of items are accepted with appreciation. Large and small items can be dropped off at the site of the Yard Sale anytime after 6:30 am on the day of the sale.  Small items may be dropped off at Royal LePage, 104 Main Street Picton, on Friday May 27 between 10 am and 7 pm.  It would be most helpful if you could price items beforehand.  If these dates and times do not work for you please send an email to contactus@appec.ca and another arrangement can be made for dropping off your items.

Unfortunately we cannot accept: bedding, large appliances, baby equipment (toys are okay), safety helmets, or clothing. All other donations are appreciated. 

A big thanks to all the volunteers from APPEC, CCSAGE and PECFN who are donating their time on Saturday. We are looking forward to another successful Yard Sale and hope to see you there!

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RIVERWALK: A fundraising event helping to Save The South Shore

riverwalkposterspring201-1Saturday May 21 from 10 am until 1 pm is the date and time for the Spring Riverwalk at Mill Falls House B&B, 745 Crowes Rd, Milford.  You are invited to spend some time exploring the Mill Falls meadow and riverside property in all its spring finery.  Guides will be available to show the way and describe what you are seeing.  After your walk join us for coffee or juice and some light brunch goodies.

Recently these pictures in words came from proprietor Sacha Warunkiw: Two days ago I sat at the edge of the brook sipping orange juice and had a lovely surprise. . .there on the other side of the river was an Otter bounding alone to the upper pond.  It was a beautiful sight, mind you I hope he or she didn’t devour the eggs of the ducks that nest there every spring!  Then yesterday I saw three Golden Eagles flying high overhead and then one came down with a swoop across the land.  Its wings were very wide.

We are so lucky that Sacha invites us into his own little paradise in the spring and fall to raise funds for Save the South Shore.  Only 100 tickets will be issued.  Admission is by donation and you will have the opportunity to purchase your own “Blandy” T shirt or hat.

To register please go to:

For more information about the Save the South Shore go to:
http://www.savethesouthshore.org or http://www.facebook.com/savethesouthshore


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Council Meeting on Road Users Agreement with WPD White Pines Wind Inc

April 26, 2016
by Paula Peel, APPEC

By the 7 pm start time Council Chambers were packed full and the adjoining Committee  Room was standing room only. Despite the strong show of opposition from members of the community Council approved a Road Users Agreement (RUA) for the White Pines Wind Project.  Acting on the advice of County solicitor Wayne Fairbrother, the RUA was approved in a recorded vote of 11 in favour and 4 opposed.  In favour: Jamie Forrester, Gordon Fox, Kevin Gale, Steve Graham, Treat Hull, Janice Maynard, Brad Nieman, Roy Pennell, Bill Roberts, Barry Turpin, Jim Dunlop.  Opposed: Dianne O’Brien, Lenny Epstein, South Marysburgh Councillor Steve Ferguson and Mayor Robert Quaiff.

Mr. Fairbrother urged Council to approve the RUA, suggesting Council had little choice on this matter.  Mr. Fairbrother opined that approval was the only course of action that gave the County some control over the use of its roads and compensation for damage.  Mr. Fairbrother also informed Council that time had run out as WPD recently went back to the Ontario Energy Board to restart the process to sidestep the RUA and proceed without municipal approval.  He warned that if approval was not given at this Council meeting the opportunity for a RUA would likely be lost for good.

County residents including respected lawyers Garth Manning and Alan Whiteley of CCSAGE-Naturally Green as well as John Hirsch, an appellant in the ERT proceedings, proposed a number of preferable alternatives to entering into a road users agreement with WPD.  However Mr. Fairbrother argued that none had merit.  Mr. Fairbrother also spoke against proposals from councillors, including a proposal to approve the RUA but to post-date when it would come into effect, a proposal to request an extension from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change in order to take into account the extended ERT hearing and a motion to defer the RUA (defeated in a recorded vote of 11 to 4).

APPEC Chair Gord Gibbins took to the podium to point out the serious issues with laying underground collector and high voltage transmission lines on Maypul Layn Road, a designated heritage landscape.  Mr. Fairbrother dismissed those concerns as well, noting that property owners could take up any issues they might have with WPD and that the County would not need to get involved.  Apparently the County solicitors’ work is done as long as WPD abides by the terms of the RUA and does not attempt to do any blasting.

Based on our experience with WPD we are concerned about the possible consequences of the County signing on with this firm, which has exhibited such disrespect for the community.

APPEC and John Hirsch continue to fight WPD head on, often on a daily basis with motions, affidavits and evidence, most recently to stop WPD from clearing vegetation at its proposed project site.  APPEC and its supporters to Save the South Shore are fighting through the Environmental Review Tribunal and the Courts to stop this ill-conceived project from being constructed.  Your continued support is essential to continue this fight and to our ultimate victory.

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PECFN explains why there should be no construction on the South Shore in April and May

WhipPoorWillLMD (1)Media release
April 14, 2016

PECFN explains why there should be no construction on the South Shore in April and May
For immediate release

There will be a full moon on Friday April 22 which could be the first fledging of Whip-poor-will chicks on the South Shore in 2016. Whip-poor-wills use the long hours of light during the full moon to gather insects to feed their young. They nest on open ground near woodlands in order that soon after fledging the young can move into the woods for protection. The parents hunt for prey insects by flying along the open spaces of country roads. Whip-poor-wills return to the same nesting sites every year on Ostrander Point and throughout the South Shore. Their arrival on our South Shore is a forerunner of the Chimney Swifts, the Meadowlarks and the Bobolinks, all species at risk who will start nesting around May 20.

As we have learned from the emergence of Blanding’s turtle one month early, these birds may be arriving and beginning to nest earlier this year. The early emergence of the turtle gave us an incentive to keep fighting for a Stay on the construction clearing that wpd started in April. Now we need to watch for earlier arrivals of other species to their traditional breeding grounds on PEC’s South Shore.

This is why it is so important for us to support Lawyer Eric Gillespie and APPEC in the struggle to convince the Environmental Review Tribunal to stop all construction in wpd’s White Pines project areas similar to the Stay that was imposed on the Gilead project at Ostrander Point. The survival of these species at risk is at stake in the fight to Save the South Shore. In addition to the species that stay in PEC to breed and raise young, there are millions of birds and bats migrating through to the Boreal forest in April and May that depend on our South Shore for rest and food.

Both the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory and the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists (PECFN) celebrate international events in May. The 100th anniversary of the International Migratory Bird Treaty will be celebrated on May 14, the opening day of the Spring Birding Festival. Special displays and events at the Bird Observatory and the Picton Library will mark this important anniversary.

PECFN is inviting dignitaries as well as birders and naturalists to join us for International Day of Biodiversity on May 22 as we tour the South Shore to enjoy the spring birds and plants. We will meet at 9:00 am at the Elizabeth St parking lot in Picton to carpool and at 9:30 at Point Petre to start the tour. We will travel to the Miller Family Nature Reserve on Hill Top Rd, Ostrander Point, and end up at the Bird Observatory for lunch.

When we are not out enjoying wildlife on the South Shore we will be relaxing at the PECFN Fourth Annual Dinner and Silent Auction April 23 at the Curling Club and Riverwalk May 21 at Millfalls House B&B in Milford as we raise funds to will help Eric’s legal team stop the habitat destruction on the South Shore. Please join us.

And, if you have a moment, write to Premier Kathleen Wynne  at premier@ontario.ca  and ask her to use her influence to protect and conserve our South Shore home for the birds and turtles.


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What will you lose if IWTs come to Prince Edward County

Click here to see a short video from the Rally at Mount Tabor in September 2015 where the multiple volunteer community groups and County residences came together to protest and provide education about Gilead Power and WPD’s wind energy plans to erect 500-foot-tall Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) along the Prince Edward County South Shore. Their plans are to industrialize the South Shore and destroy the natural habitat for hundreds of thousands of migrating birds including many endangered species like the Little Brown Bat, Eastern Meadowlark and the Blanding’s Turtle.

The video focuses in on what would be lost if this is allowed to happen.

The video was produced by a County resident and made available by Janna McCarthy, APPEC’s Fundraising Director.

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Stay motion granted by Tribunal

Marcia Valiante and Hugh S. Wilkins

Marcia Valiante and Hugh S. Wilkins

Dear APPEC Members,

Late this afternoon the Environmental Review Tribunal granted a temporary stay of WPD’s Renewable Energy Approval (REA).  As a result of the stay all construction work at the project site has been brought to a halt.  The Tribunal will schedule a written hearing at a later date to decide on the merits of a more permanent stay.

This long-awaited decision is the outcome of a tremendous effort by Eric Gillespie and Priya Vittal, who have worked tirelessly around the clock since Wednesday when the Tribunal issued its reasons related to our previous stay motion.

In giving its reasons the Tribunal indicated that a further motion could be brought to the Tribunal should new evidence become available.  Thanks to the efforts of many individuals and above all our legal counsel, this new evidence was submitted this morning in the form of photographs showing the level of destruction, an affidavit from a Blanding’s turtle expert that turtles are out of hibernation and moving across the project, and letters from local and national groups including the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

We have many to thank for this welcome news including those who attended the Court of Appeal hearing in Toronto on Wednesday.  The concern and public engagement left an impression which may have reached out past the courtroom.

The good news is that WPD has been ordered to stop all construction at its project site.  In the meantime however our legal bills are growing.  Donations can be made by cheque or by PayPal on APPEC’s website http://www.appec.ca.  Please make cheques payable to the South Shore Appeal Fund and mail to the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County, P. O. Box 173, Milford, ON K0K 2P0.

Orville Walsh
President, APPEC

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Environmental destruction in the County in the name of so called “green” energy


On April 4th WPD started clearing vegetation along the South Shore. So far APPEC’s legal actions at the ERT, the Divisional Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal have been unable to stop WPD from their intended destruction. We are now going back to the ERT and repeating a request to be heard on this senseless destruction when the ERT has already stated that this project as planned will cause serious and irreversible.

Please click on the following links to view the destruction taking place while the public cries out to the court and governmental officials that are caught up in legal wranglings.
Size of habitat destruction
Habitat Destruction
Guess where the turtles would be
The machines being used


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