WPD Construction in Blanding’s Turtle Habitat

The following photos were taken showing the recent WPD Blanding’s Turtle habitat destruction .

T01.T02.T03 Click to expand

T08, T09, T10 Click to expand

T08, T09, T10 Click to expand


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The fight against a controversial wind turbine project in Prince Edward County continues

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It was a packed house on County Road 10 on Monday night as close to 100 Prince Edward County Residents showed up to discuss the latest about the controversial wind turbine project.

Many are not pleased with wpd’s White Pines Project that was first proposed in 2009.

The original project wanted 29 wind turbines built. Now the plan is to build nine, near the south shore of Milford.

“I’ve never been so angry at anything in my life … (click here to see the Global News Video and article by Heather Senoran)

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Update on White Pines Wind Project

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It’s been a busy time in the County and a lot has been going on as of late.  At a Special Council Meeting on August 31, council voted unanimously to withhold issuing permits to WPD until all information and documentation is provided.  Two Town Halls have been held in Milford on September 5th and 18th, facilitated by Councilor Steve Ferguson and attended by Mayor Quaiff, several PEC Councilors, CAO James Hepburn, Commissioner Robert McAuley and other PEC staff.  These town halls have helped inform County residents of current developments related to WPD’s starting construction.   Most recently Council met on September 19th for another special meeting of the Committee of the Whole to discuss WPD’s Amended Road Users Agreement.  Once again, Council voted unanimously to withhold consent until all relevant information has been provided.  All of these meetings have been filled to capacity and covered by local Media as well as Quinte News and CKWS Kingston.

As those who attended the meetings this week already know, WPD commenced vegetation clearing and grubbing at wind turbine sites T06, T08, T09 and T10 two days ago, on Monday, September 18th.   Bulldozers and backhoes have cleared vegetation and removed trees and brush in Blanding‘s Turtle habitat.  While the Renewable Energy Approval states that construction in Blanding’s turtle habitat “shall only occur between October 15th and April 30th”, WPD is using a clause that permits construction activities that are “unavoidable”.

WPD is literally making a mockery of the Attorney General’s ERT, the Ontario Environmental Protection Act (EPA), the Renewable Energy Approval and the PEC community. This is shameful corporate behavior and is also likely illegal.

Mayor Robert Quaiff and MPP Todd Smith are working at contacting multiple Ontario government agencies to put a stop to the construction activities at these sites.

We will keep you appraised of the status of the clearing activities and anything else being done to stop the WPD White Wind Project and the 9 remaining wind turbines.

On a lighter note, we would like to remind members of the planned Saturday, September 30th Gibbins Farm Auction, a South Shore Appeal Fund fundraiser. 1078 Royal Road.

  1. This is a Boyd Sullivan sale. The auction will start at 10:30 AM. For details and photos on auction items please click here
  2. APPEC is operating the canteen to raise more money. Home baking would be appreciated as well as help from 9:30 a.m. to close with set up and selling. Contact Debbie Cermak at debbycermak@hotmail.comor Janna McCarthy at jcmleewis@aol.com
  3. Again, to save auction costs we need volunteers for set up and other jobs for Friday afternoon (1:30) and Saturday morning 7:00 am. Please contact Gord at gibbins@optimumre.com.


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PEC fearful construction of wind turbine farm to start

After the Town Hall meeting on September 5th in the Milford Town Hall, the CKWS Kingston Network 6 PM News broadcasted an interview with Prince Edward County Mayor Quaiff and Councilor Steve Ferguson. In case you missed the piece on September 6th, click here to play the video and read the article.

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Special PEC Council Meeting – Aug. 31, 2017

Dear APPEC Members,
Your attendance is requested at a special meeting of Prince Edward County Council on Thursday, August 31st at 1:00 PM in Council Chambers of Shire Hall (332 Main Street, Picton).

Council will begin with an open session at 1:00 PM.  Please note that 3-minute comments can be made at the open session by residents. To do so you need to attend early to be included in the agenda.

The agenda for the open session that will be followed by a closed session is to discuss.
1)    the wpd White Pines Notice of Commencement of Work
2)    the Road Users Agreement and
3)    the Notice of Dispute issued by wpd White Pines Wind Inc. in respect to the County issuing permits.

Your presence is especially important in the face of bullying tactics being used against the municipality and PEC residents.

Please click here for the link to Council’s Aug. 31st agenda. This web page also contains links to the documents that will be discussed.

Also, please be aware that if you are unable to attend the Special Council Meeting in person, there is a live streaming feed of the proceedings that will start at 1:00 PM. Watch the Live Stream or View Past Meeting Archives  by clicking here. Again, the documents to be discussed can be viewed from the meeting agenda link above.

We apologize for the short notice as this special meeting has just recently been scheduled.


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TOWN HALL MEETING – Milford Town Hall

South Marysburgh Town Hall

Tuesday, September 5th from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
at Milford Town Hall, 3076 County Road 10, Milford

South Marysburgh Councillor Steve Ferguson invites you to attend a town hall meeting to provide an update to the public about the wpd White Pines wind project.

On July 31, wpd served notice to the Municipality of Prince Edward that it intends to begin construction of the 9-turbine White Pines wind project on Sunday, September 10th. On August 23rd, wpd sent a letter to the municipality and submitted permit applications related to the construction work. The third paragraph of the letter is as follows:

“As you may know, in the past, attempts by a municipality to obstruct a provincially approved REA have been met with strong condemnation by the courts. wpd has successfully enforced its rights pursuant to its REA and has recovered its legal costs at both the Divisional Court and Court of Appeal (wpd Sumac Ridge Wind Incorporated v. Kawartha Lakes (City), 2015 ONSC 4164; and wpd Sumac Ridge Wind Incorporated v. Kawartha Lakes (City), 2016 ONCA 496).”

(The entire letter may be viewed on Steve Ferguson’s ward facebook page – click HERE)

This meeting is to provide information about the project and to answer questions about the project’s implications to Milford and the surrounding area.

Mayor Robert Quaiff, members of municipal staff, and others will be attending to answer questions.  Please plan to attend!

And please help spread the word by circulating this message as you see fit!

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Ontario government failed to respond to wind turbine noise

Click to read report

As per the notice to our members and a special investigation by Global News that was based on Freedom Of Information (FOI) acquired by Wind Concerns Ontario (WCO), the MOECC has not been investigating complaints on wind turbine noise in Ontario. This has been covered in a two part series by Global News. In the event you were not able to see the Global News airings on May 31st and June 1st, here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2.

Additionally, the concerns were brought up in the Ontario Legislature Question Period. Here are links to the Legislature Question Period video as well as the text where questions were raised.  And if you would like more detail, click on the Response to Wind Turbine Noise Complaints Report to view the detailed report created from the vast amount of emails and information collected after 2 years of WCO persistence to acquire the FOI.

If the WPD Canada White Pines Wind Project is to continue with the 9 remaining wind turbines around the Milford area in South Marysburgh, it is estimated that 500 people will be within 1500 metres of a wind turbine and may be in the same position as the many residents who made complaints in the following projects:

Southwestern Ontario wind farm complaints 2006 to 2014
442 – Enbridge Wind Farm in Kincardine
388 – Talbot Wind Farm in Chatham-Kent
236 – CAW Turbine in Port Elgin
179 – Marsh Line in Chatham-Kent
131 – Frogmore near Port Burwell
127 – Gosfield Wind Project in Kingsville
119 – Plateau Wind Farm in Grey County
117 – Harrow Wind Farm in Essex County
99 – Ripley Wind Power Project in Bruce County
69 – Conestogo in Drayton
55 – Kent Breeze in Chatham-Kent
54 – South Side in Essex County

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