Come to the APPEC Rally – September 27, 2015

syndromeAPPEC will be hosting a rally at the Milford Mount Tabor Fairgrounds on September 27th starting at 11AM and going onto until 4PM. Come and show your support for the Protecting What We Love movement in Prince Edward County. Come and show just how angry you are with what is happening to our small community by big business and big government. Come and see just how big these monstrous Industrial Wind Turbines are and how they will tower over our small community. Just how big is 50 stories? … along the South Shore … too big.  Come and learn what the noise will be like from these planned wind turbines as they are just too close to family residences, our wild life and our neighborhood. Come to understand how our heritage will be impacted by these views and how property may get damaged in the construction. Do you need to find out where the 28km transmission will be buried and just how close to residences the construction will come? Are you worried about the changes in the hydrology and wetlands and how wells may get impacted? Come and find out.  Come and learn how the wpd White Pines Wind Project will be industrializing the South Shore and consider for yourself if there are too many for the people that live here and the important wild life and habitat that the County is known for.

There will be a lot to learn with many displays presented by APPEC and other local groups including PECFN, CCSAGE and individuals who have been critiquing the wpd White Pines Wind Project since 2010. There will be fun for all ages with live local entertainment, bands and music. There will be lots to eat with several different food trucks. It will be a pleasure for your eyes, your ears, your taste buds and your mind.

Come and join the rally this September 27th.

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Old Time County Pig Roast to raise funds for the appeals

October 2015 Pig Roast

October 2015 Pig Roast

Legal bills are mounting in the fight to keep Prince Edward County’s South Shore turbine free. The ERT appeal by APPEC against the White Pines project has begun and the ERT appeal by PECFN is on-going. What better way to make sure we can pay for the appeals, than to have a good time?

It is time to book your place for the Old Time County Pig Roast On Friday October 2 at Hillier Estates Winery. The proceeds from this event will be divided between APPEC and PECFN to help pay for the ERT appeals.

We need you to book early for this one. It’s hard to put this delicately, but Linda May has to pick the right pig and that has to happen by September 18! To help you make the decision to book, we have put together the following list of 10 compelling reasons.

Ten reason to attend the Pig Roast:

  1. Appreciate the support of local small businesses: Catering by Linda May, Hillier Estates Winery and Grampa’s Goodtime Gang
  2. Enjoy some” toe-tappin’, knee-slappin’, old time music”
  3. Enjoy roasted pork, salads and veggies
  4. Enjoy gourmet smoked macaroni and cheese (vegetarian option), salads and veggies
  5. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings at Hillier Estates Winery
  6. Support the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County in their appeal of the White Pines IWT project
  7. Support PECFN in their attempt to Save Ostrander Point
  8. Celebrate the successes so far
  9. Prepare for the battles ahead
  10. Have a good time with your friends
  11. (bonus reason) You can wear your jeans

Please go to today and book your tickets for the Old Time County Pig Roast

Click here to enlarge the event poster. See you there

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White Pines Wind Project Preliminary Hearing

Report on September 9 White Pines Wind Project Preliminary Hearing
by Paula Peel

The first day of the legal fight to stop wpd began in an unspectacular way. Most of the day was spent on scheduling, sorting out the logistics of two appeals (wpd is appealing the removal of two turbines from its wind project) and requests for formal status at the hearing. Marsha Valiante and Hugh Wilkins, the Tribunal members, efficiently dealt with these matters.

In the large, comfortable, air-conditioned room at the Essroc Arena it was sometimes easy to forget what we were there for. The only concrete reminder of the import of the proceedings was the handful of resolute PEC residents who one by one told the Tribunal about their concerns for their health and the environment and about years of futile efforts to get wpd to address their concerns. Although they were there on their own they had a sympathetic audience and the presence of Mayor Robert Quaiff and South Marysburgh Councilor Steve Ferguson provided added support.

Overall the Preliminary Hearing went well for our legal case moving forward. Here are some of the highlights:

  • As a result of Steve Ferguson’s submission the Tribunal is providing a second Preliminary Hearing date for October 14 which will also hear motions. Furthermore wpd has been directed to deliver a new notification to residents in the project area. This came about after Mr. Ferguson advised the Tribunal that notices were sent out 2 – 3 days before the deadline expiry date to request status at the hearing. In some cases notifications were received the same day as the deadline expiry date and many residents did not receive a notification at all. Patrick Duffy, the lawyer for wpd confirmed that no residents on the 28 km transmission line were notified.
  • The hearing start date is delayed to November 2 over the objections of wpd which wanted to keep the October start date.
  • The Tribunal took the same position as APPEC lawyer Eric Gillespie that the appeal will be on 27 turbines over the objections of wpd which wants the appeal to be on 29 turbines. However, wpd will be raising a motion to try and convince the ERT panel that it should be 29 turbines. More to come on this …
  • All residents seeking formal status at the hearing want the same outcome as APPEC. The Tribunal granted Presenter status to all of the 4 applicants.
  • The Tribunal will allow APPEC’s interest in the “139” wpd Heritage appeal to be granted APPEC Party Status as there was no objections from MOECC and wpd council. The terms of the Party status will be documented and agreed to next week.

This may be the first ERT in Ontario where the number of lawyers appealing a renewable energy approval will actually exceed the numbers of Ministry and corporate lawyers representing the interests of wind developers. APPEC lawyers Eric Gillespie and Priya Vital were joined by two lawyers from the municipality which is seeking Party Status at the hearing. Liz Driver and Edwin Rowse are also seeking Party Status and that will add to our numbers. The PEC south shore will be ably represented at this ERT.

The APPEC Board thanks all who attended the hearing. If you would like to be notified of upcoming hearings please contact Mr. Paul DeMedeiro at the Environmental Review Tribunal In your message be sure to note your interest in the White Pines Wind Project proceedings.


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Environment Minister Glen Murray refuses to meet with Mayor Quaiff

You may already know that Prince Edward County Mayor Robert Quaiff was rebuffed by both Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Minister of the Environment. If you would like to read the letter Mayor Robert Quaiff received here it is in full. Click here to read the letter.

Don’t you just love our politicians at Queens Park?


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APPEC appeals the wpd White Pines Wind project approval

The following was distributed to APPEC members stating that an APPEC appeal has been filed of the wpd White Pines Wind project.

Dear APPEC Members:
The approval of the 27-turbine White Pines Wind Project has been widely condemned. The APPEC Board, on behalf of its members, has responded to the approval by filing a Notice of Appeal with the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT).

APPEC’s appeal was filed on Friday, July 31st with the ERT and served on the Ministry of the Environment and wpd White Pines Inc. The appeal contests the approval on grounds that this project, if allowed to proceed, will cause serious harm to human health and the natural environment of the Prince Edward County south shore.

APPEC is well-prepared to launch this appeal.  We have been actively critiquing the project since 2010 when it was issued a FIT contract.  We are motivated and we are ready with a legal team and expert witnesses. 

We are organized to succeed on both appeals.  In order to ensure success the APPEC Board will be seeking your financial support and time commitment in the weeks to come.

Gord Gibbins

Chair, APPEC  

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Nature Canada, Ontario Nature and American Bird Conservancy News Release




The environmental conservancy groups are speaking out against the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change’s decision to put electricity generation ahead of environment conservation.

White Pines Wind Project Decision Harmful to Birds and Bats

Nature Canada, Ontario Nature, and American Bird Conservancy are extremely disappointed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s decision last week to approve the White Pines Prince Edward County Wind Energy Project in an internationally designated Important Bird Area (IBA).

“There are so many things wrong about this decision and the only reasonable conclusion is that it is bad for nature” said Ted Cheskey, Senior Conservation Manager at Nature Canada. “More populations of species at risk will be threatened and more critical habitat will be destroyed. Nature Canada is not opposed to the Project as a whole, but several specific turbines should not have been approved. We are also at a loss to understand why the Ministry would approve this project without waiting for the decision of the Environmental Review Tribunal in the Ostrander case.”

To read the full News Release click here.


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MPP Todd Smith writes the Environment Minister about the wpd White Pines Project

Protect ecosystem from damage from wind power, MPP Smith write to Environment Minister


MPP Todd Smith

July 17, 2015

Hon. Glen Murray
Ferguson Block
11th Flr 77 Wellesley St W
Toronto ON M7A 2T5

Dear Minister,

I am writing you today to express considerable distress with the decision of your Ministry yesterday as it pertains to the White Pines wind turbine development that is planned for the South Shore of Prince Edward County.

You’ll recall that earlier in the year, I wrote to you about the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeals regarding another project planned for the same ecosystem and almost the exact same location in Prince Edward County. At that time, the Ontario Court of Appeals had ruled that the Environmental Review Tribunal was right to state that the project would cause serious and irreversible harm to the ecosystem.

Click here to read the whole letter



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