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Political – Oct 26, 2013 – Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli answers turbine questions

Here from The Independent, are the responses received by the newspaper to a set of questions put to Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli, on the new procurement process for large-scale wind power projects. The announcement of the new process has … Continue reading

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Article – Oct 25, 2013 – Why preserving the view in Canada is not just tilting at windmills

In Prince Edward County, I always feel like I’m in a painting come to life. Cheesy? Sure. But whether it’s the ethereal quality of light across the fields, the rustic shops and wineries or the sunset views over Lake Ontario, … Continue reading

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Health – Oct 24, 2013 – University of Waterloo Research Chair

At a recent symposium in Toronto facilitated by former Toronto Mayor David Miller titled Symposia of the Ontario Research Chairs in Public Policy, a poster entitled ‘Wind Turbine Noise, Sleep Quality, and Symptoms of Inner Ear Problems’ was displayed by … Continue reading

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Health – May 30, 2013 – Adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines

Canadian family physicians can expect to see increasing numbers of rural patients reporting adverse effects from exposure to industrial wind turbines (IWTs). People who live or work in close proximity to IWTs have experienced symptoms that include decreased quality of … Continue reading

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Event – Oct 19, 2013 – Taking the Protest to Hwy 402

Here is an excellent report (including a newscast) on what happened last Saturday (Oct 19th) on Hwy 402 as rural Ontario protesters took to the highway with their cars, trucks and tractors to protest against the placement and use of … Continue reading

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Event – Sep 22, 2013 – Yard Sale Fundraiser

Yard Sale Fundraiser – September 22, 2013  The APPEC legal fund got a big boost recently with $4,747.00 raised by the Yard Sale.  These funds are earmarked for APPEC’s appeal to the Divisional Court which is scheduled to be heard … Continue reading

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APPEC News – April 23, 2013 – County Not a Willing Host

The following was an APPEC News posting that occurred last April 23, 2013. APPEC News:  County Not a Willing Host  This evening Council declared the County “Not a Willing Host” of wind energy projects.  Councillor Quaiff’s motion passed 11 to … Continue reading

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Events Notice – Oct 10, 2013 – Anti-turbine activists taking protest to Hwy. 402

Anti-turbine activists taking protest to Hwy. 402 for mass rally Saturday Chatham Daily News The road to Ontario’s wind turbine industry — heralded by many, hated by others — goes through Southwestern Ontario. Now, anti-turbine activists plan to grind traffic … Continue reading

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Unwilling Hosts – Oct 8, 2013 – Unwilling Hosts Doubles in Size

Oct 8, 2013 – Wind Turbines – Unwilling Hosts Doubles in Size Net Newsledger  THUNDER BAY – Across Ontario opposition to wind turbine projects continues to grow. Over the past week, the total number of ‘Unwilling Host’ municipalities … Continue reading … Continue reading

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Economy – Oct 8, 2013 – Auditor General confirms $1-billion power plant boondoggle

Oct 8, 2013 – Auditor General confirms $1-billion power plant boondoggle  Latest from the Financial Post by our own Parker Gallant here:  Continue reading …

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