The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County is committed to the health and well-being of the community and the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage. APPEC acts in response to proposed developments that have potentially significant and harmful impacts.


1. focuses on development proposals with the potential for significant and harmful impacts on the community’s health and well-being and on the County’s natural and cultural heritage. Impacts may be over a broad area or concentrated in a specific location;
2. continues to have a special focus on issues related to the adverse effects of industrial wind turbines;
3. works to inform government policy- and decision-making related to its mission;
4. relies on research and evidence, and on careful consideration of legislation and the regulatory framework, when evaluating a proposed development, crafting a position, and deciding on an appropriate response;
5. is responsive to community concerns and aims to be a trusted community resource for information;
6. maintains a strong organization with a range of experience, knowledge and skills;
7. collaborates with other groups and individuals on common goals; and
8. is prepared to take legal action if necessary to avoid adverse impacts from a proposed development.


The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County believes that any installation of industrial-scale wind-turbine complexes in Prince Edward County will be detrimental to its unique historical, agricultural, cultural and rural character. There are no locations within the County or in the near shore waters, where a wind turbine complex would not severely impact the health, environment, creative and rural economies and quality of life of its citizens.

APPEC is therefore opposed to the development of industrial wind projects in Prince Edward County.

APPEC believes that responsible and sustainable energy alternatives and conservation measures should be located and showcased within Prince Edward County. These initiatives would meet or exceed provincial policy goals and would improve the environment, economy, health and quality of life while at the same time preserving the character of the County.