White Pines Project Turbine Status – April 26, 2017

White Pines Turbine Status April 26, 2017

In celebrating the positive findings it should not be lost that, given its mission, APPEC cannot be pleased with the ERT decision regarding the other 9 turbines.  We will consider our options after other factors unfold and consultation with our legal counsel.  Also, most of these 9 turbines could be impacted by the decision in the recent Heritage Judicial Review.

Click the map to enlarge.

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Good News – ERT Success!

Blanding’s turtle photo @ Prince Edward Point – Mid-April 2017

Dear APPEC Members and Supporters,

Good news at last!

The Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) has issued a final decision on the White Pines Wind Project which protects the South Shore.   The ERT has removed 18 of the Project’s 27 turbines (T12-T29), which leaves only 9 turbines in the Project.  The 18 removed turbines were all located on the South Shore, basically those turbines which were proposed to be located south of Royal Road.  Please click here to read the full ERT Decision.

We are pleased that the ERT has made a decision that will keep the South Shore turbine-free.  This is clearly a victory for the survival of the Blanding’s turtle and many other animal and plant species found there.  Although the ERT decision was specifically concerned with protecting these turtles and their habitat we are very pleased that indirectly as a result of this decision there will be no turbines in the Prince Edward County Important Bird and Biodiversity Area.

This ERT decision validates years of efforts to save the County’s natural heritage along the South Shore and a great many people were involved in bringing us to this point.  Our sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to this effort, most particularly our members and supporters who made the appeal possible through their donations to help cover legal costs.  Our greatest appreciation for our Council’s strong support. Our deepest gratitude to Eric Gillespie and his associates who have fought so long and hard for environmental justice for the South Shore.  No one deserves more thanks – or more credit – for this ERT win than Eric.  We are also proud to share this success with PECFN who led the way with their ERT win at Ostrander Point.

Going forward our main concern will be paying for the ERT and other legal costs and possible appeals of the decision.  For now, we ask that you join us in celebrating the end of our successful appeal with a donation to help us cover our legal costs.  Donations can be made to the South Shore Appeal Fund OR to the County of Prince Edward – Legal Appeal Fund if you wish to make a donation and receive an official income tax receipt.  More information on how to make a donation is provided at the end of this message.

We are delighted – and greatly relieved – that the ERT ultimately made a sound decision.

Gord Gibbins

How to make a donation to the South Shore Appeal Fund
Donations to the SSAF can be made by cheque or PayPal on our website http://www.appec.ca   Please make your cheque out to the South Shore Appeal Fund and mail to Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County, P. O. Box 173, Milford, ON K0K 2P0 nb: Donations to the SSAF are not tax-deductible.  If you wish to make a donation and receive an income tax receipt please follow the directions below.

How to make a tax-deductible donation
If you wish to make a donation and receive an official income tax receipt please make your cheque out to the “County of Prince Edward – Legal Appeal Fund” and mail to Shire Hall, 332 Main St. Picton, ON K0K 2T0 or drop your cheque off at Shire Hall during office hours Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 5 pm.  The name and address on the cheque should be the name and address that you wish to appear on the official income tax receipt that will be issued.  If your cheque has incomplete information on it (for example your name is printed on the cheque but there is no address) please provide this missing information in a brief note accompanying your cheque.  You will receive an income tax receipt in the mail.

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The destruction of Blanding’s turtle habitat continues over the weekend

Click to enlarge

WPD this weekend started destroying additional Prince Edward County South Shore habitat. An additional location was started north of Army Reserve Road about 800m east of Lighthall Road. This is a known area for both spring foraging and nesting for Blanding’s turtles

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WPD destroying habitat and clearing vegetation

News Update on destruction of habitat:

WPD was actually destroying habitat and clearing vegetation at two separate sites today. In addition to the site north of Royal Road and east of Lighthall, there was activity south of Hilltop Road just west of Brewer’s Road.

Photograph shows trek of heavy equipment north of Royal Road and east of Lighthall.





Photograph shows entry area and tracks from Hilltop Road leading towards Lake Ontario. Clearing equipment could be clearly heard but was out of sight and closer to the shore.


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WPD proposes to go ahead without final ERT decision

On April 13th at 3:57 p.m., the day before Good Friday and the long Easter weekend, legal counsel for WPD and the White Pines Wind Project sent a brief email to the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) stating their intent to proceed with vegetation clearing of areas other than those identified as Blanding’s turtle spring foraging habitat, commencing Wednesday, April 19th.

Within the same email WPD also requested a motion date to hear their motion to lift the existing Stay that APPEC obtained last year, which prevents WPD from vegetation clearing in Blanding’s turtle spring foraging habitat.

WPD has apparently decided to get started on its Project rather than wait for the ERT’s final decision on the fate of this Project, following the ERT’s finding a year ago February that this Project will cause serious and irreversible harm to Little brown bats and the Blanding’s turtle.  The ERT’s final written decision was expected before the end of March and is due anytime.

It appears that WPD is flaunting the entire appeal process with its refusal to wait for the ERT’s final decision.  We believe that these proposed and premature construction activities illustrate the willingness of wind energy developers to risk environmental damage in order to advance their increasingly unwanted and unnecessary projects.

By the end of Thursday there had not yet been a response from the ERT to WPD’s email.  Government offices are closed Good Friday and Easter Monday, leaving the ERT only one day (Tuesday, the 18th) to respond.

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White Pines wind power developer notifies intentions for vegetation clearing

On Good Friday APPEC had to sent a message to it’s members about a noticed it received from the WPD wind developers stating their intentions to start clearing vegetation and a request to the Environmental Review Tribunal to hear an urgent motion to lift the existing Stay on construction which prevents WPD from vegetation clearing in Blanding’s turtle spring foraging habitat. As a result, a number of news websites have published articles. Here are two:

From Wind Concerns Ottawa – Wind power developer uses threat to influence environmental agency
Power developer announcement it is about to clear land which is habitat for an endangered species is an attempt to force the Environmental Review Tribunal to issue a decision on the Prince Edward County wind power project, and proposed “remedies” for species at risk. Click here to read the article.

A volunteer Prince Edward County organization fighting to stop a big wind turbine project believes the hopeful wind farm developers are jumping the gun on the project. Click here to read the article.

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Judicial review of the White Pines cultural heritage process

The judicial review of the White Pines cultural heritage process brought by Liz Driver and Edwin Rowse against WPD Canada and Ontario will take place on Thursday and Friday this week (April 6–7) at Osgoode Hall, in Toronto. The hearing begins at 10 am each day.

If time allows please try to attend on one or even both days.  A good turn-out will be important to showing the court that the community cares about the Project’s visual impacts and the serious adverse impact of construction vibrations on the County’s cultural heritage.

Osgoode Hall is at the northeast corner of Queen and University. There is Green Parking underground next door at City Hall or parking across the street under the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts. Osgoode Subway Station is at the intersection.

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