Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study – Being Challenged

Anti-wind groups in Ontario, across Canada and internationally say they will respond to the flawed Health Canada “research” and that condemnation will follow. APPEC is one of many groups that denounce this $2 million dollar Canadian taxpayer funded report and the management of the study by Health Canada.

Here is a list of references of how the opposition to the HC “research” is quickly growing.

Grey-Bruce Medical Officer of Health Dr Hazel Lynn commented Friday on the Health Canada turbine noise study, saying ” much more” work needs to be done, but the “preliminary” results show significant “annoyance” which, the doctor says, should properly be termed “distress.”

Click here to read the interview with Dr. Hazel Lynn about the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise report.

Read the short article from Blackburn News here.

Dr. Robert McMurtry offers the following statement:

“I have just had the opportunity to review the Denise Wolfe DOCUMENT, and appreciate its obvious quality, reinforced by knowing something of her background. The paper is a powerful statement that casts serious doubt on the recent Health Canada and CanWEA preliminary announcement, the background paper and related media statements. I am deeply saddened that the Ministry whom I was so proud to work for, appears to have fallen.”

“In addition, ongoing efforts will be made with our international network to evaluate all elements of the Health Canada conduct and management of this research. Click here to read the complete statement from Dr. R.Y.McMurty.

Note: CanWEA (Canadian Wind Energy Association) is a federally registered lobby organization funded and directed by the wind industry

Click here to review the Denise Wolfe draft document reviewing the HC Wind Turbine Noise & Health Study

Sherri Lange – CEO North American Platform Against Wind Power (NA-PAW)

“For a watchdog federal health branch to suggest that there are no health effects from Wind Turbine Noise, when Ministry of the Environment Officials with firsthand knowledge have confirmed the problems and so too has the Environment Review Tribunal itself, is completely astounding,” said Lange of the North American Platform Against Wind Power (NA-PAW). “Try telling this to a family with family members who are chronically sleep deprived and unwell, unable to live and sleep in their own homes, that has lost 30% or more of its livestock, or who has for eight years been living in the shadow of multiple installations, and perilously near to a clearly dangerous substation. Try telling this to folks who have left their homes after being bought out and gagged by the developers.” Citizens are not being taken OUT of harm’s way, but increasingly placed directly in the line of fire.

Dr Sarah Laurie of Australia’s Waubra Foundation states:

“There is growing clinical and acoustic field evidence that despite the efforts of some state governments to deny or ignore these serious adverse health problems, that they do exist, and that the current wind turbine noise regulations and guidelines do not protect people from serious and predictable harm. Professor Hansen’s critique of the SA EPA noise guidelines with respect to his recent Waterloo acoustic survey is worth reading to understand why this is so.”

Click here to read the full NA-PAW News Release on the Health Canada Study Summary

Click here to review the Health Canada Wind Turbine Noise & Health Study that is causing strong opposition and anger

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