Hearing Date Delayed

The hearing at Picton Court House on November 17, 2017 was adjourned with a new date being discussed. Our legal counsel is currently negotiating a new court date for our legal action against wpd White Pines Inc. and the IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator). Both wpd and the IESO needed more time to prepare and an adjournment was granted on consent. However, the date of the rescheduled hearing was unsatisfactory to APPEC.  Mr. Gillespie is pressing hard to get an earlier court date even if this necessitates a change of venue to Toronto.  As we all know, time is of the essence, with wpd aggressively constructing its wind project.  The APPEC Board acknowledges that the delay caused by rescheduling the hearing is a concern.  We are anxiously awaiting news of the new court date and will relay this information to members as soon as it’s known.

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APPEC has commenced legal proceedings

Picton Court House



Picton, Ontario – The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC) has commenced legal proceedings naming the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and WPD White Pines Wind Inc. (WPD) as respondents. APPEC alleges that the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) contract between the IESO and WPD should have been terminated as soon as it became evident that WPD would be unable or incapable of fulfilling the FIT contract terms.  These FIT contract terms have been made publicly available and are well known.

In 2010, a FIT contract for 60MW wind energy project to be operational within three (3) years was offered by the Ontario Power Authority (now the IESO) to WPD.   The contract allowed for termination if the project was not able to deliver at least 75% of the contracted power. A Renewable Energy Approval (REA) was granted to WPD by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) five years later in 2015.   Immediately after the MOECC approval, an appeal was made by APPEC to the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT). In 2016 the ERT found that the project would cause serious and irreversible harm to the natural environment.  After allowing the proponent an opportunity to propose additional mitigation measures to prevent this harm, the ERT still found it necessary to remove 18 of the 27 wind turbines from the project.  As a result, the project is only permitted to erect nine (9) 2.05 MW turbines which can only fulfill approximately 30% of the original FIT contract requirement, far less than the 75% referred to under the contract.

APPEC has made an application to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice seeking a declaration that the FIT contract for the White Pines Wind Project is null and void and an injunction on any further work on the White Pines Wind project. A hearing on this matter is currently scheduled for November 17th, 2017 at 44 Union Street, Picton, Ontario K0K 2T0 at 10:00 a.m.

APPEC is represented by Eric K. Gillespie Professional Corporation which has represented APPEC during the ERT hearings for both the White Pines Wind Project and the Ostrander Point Wind Energy projects.


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Help Save South Marysburgh and the County!

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A Rally and Town Hall Meeting to demand the cancellation of wpd Canada’s White Pines Wind Project in South Marysburgh, Sunday, October 15th in Picton

March (rain or shine): 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. down Main Street, Picton.
Assemble on Cold Storage Road in Picton by 12:30 p.m. and bring along your personalized sign, placard or poster.

Meeting: 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Regent Theatre
Learn how the 9-turbine White Pines Wind Project WILL affect you and Prince Edward County, and what you can do to help. Local politicians, County residents, business people and experts will provide impact statements, updates, and answer your questions about: loss of landowner and municipal rights because of the Green Energy Act; human health effects; destruction of heritage, tourism and endangered species; and other concerns.

Mayor Robert Quaiff; MPP Todd Smith; Winemaker Norman Hardie; Wind Concerns Ontario resident, Jane Wilson; Dr. Robert McMurtry OC; and other knowledgeable individuals. Moderated by Councillor Steve Ferguson
Contact logistics coordinator Les Stanfield at 613.476.5363 or Contact Councillor Steve Ferguson at 613.827.7174 or sferguson@pecounty.on.ca

Your participation really matters!

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PEC Residents Standing Up for their Rights!


Prince Edward County Residents Standing Up for their Rights!
Huge rally to protest wpd wind project and the Green Energy Act

PICTON, ON., October 7:  Prince Edward County residents will rally together to voice their opposition to wpd Canada’s White Pines Wind Project that involves erecting nine 150m-tall (500 FT.) industrial wind turbines in and around the hamlet of Milford in the ward of South Marysburgh.

The County is an unwilling host to industrial wind turbine projects that disrupt the lives and livelihoods of County residents; that destroy the County’s historic landscapes; and that cause irreparable harm to the County’s wildlife and natural environment.

This much anticipated rally will consist of a march coupled with an information session at the Regent Theatre in Picton. “Our hope is that this rally will motivate the government to cancel this project once and for all”, says Les Stanfield, logistics coordinator for the rally. “We want people to be creative in preparing for the march through floats, banners and placards that personalize their message to wpd and Queen’s Park”, adds Stanfield.

Those wanting to participate in the march can gather at the end of Cold Storage Road by 12:30 p.m. for departure at 1:00 p.m. or join the march at any point on the route along Main Street to the Regent Theatre. At 2:00 p.m. people can participate in an information session at the Regent. County residents, local politicians, business people and experts will provide impact statements, updates and answer questions about: anticipated personal impacts; loss of land owner and municipal rights because of the Green Energy Act; human health effects; destruction of heritage, tourism and endangered species; and other concerns.

“We hope every single person who has expressed concern about this wind energy project will come out and not only show support for the residents of South Marysburgh who will be directly affected by the White Pines project, but also to express their strong opposition to the government legislation that allowed the project to happen in the first place,” says Steve Ferguson, Prince Edward County Councillor for South Marysburgh. “All residents of Prince Edward County need to fully understand the implications of the White Pines project.”

For more information contact Les Stanfield at 613-476-5363


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Gibbins Farm Auction – Saturday September 30th

The Gibbins Farm Auction is coming up this Saturday.  This is a wonderful opportunity to own some beautiful pieces and help support the cause against the WPD White Pines Wind Project. All funds raised at the Auction will go to the legal fight to stop WPD.

When: Saturday, September 30, 2017 starting at 10:30 a.m.
Where: The Gibbins Farm, 1078 Royal Road, Milford (directions below)
Auction items can be viewed here

 How You Can Help
-Friday at 1:30 pm: unpack boxes and other set up
-Saturday at 7:00 a.m. to help set up
-Saturday 9:30 to finish, to help out at the canteen (Volunteers needed throughout the day for two hour shifts)
-Saturday 10:00 a.m. to finish, other auction help

If you can help out at the auction please let me know.  Email: jcmleewis@kos.net

Donations of baked goods are appreciated. If you can help with baking please contact Debby Cermak Email: debbycermak@hotmail.com

If you’re on social media, help spread the word about the Gibbins Farm Auction.

We look forward to seeing you – and to a very successful day

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WPD Construction in Blanding’s Turtle Habitat

The following photos were taken showing the recent WPD Blanding’s Turtle habitat destruction. Click on photos to expand.

November 2, 2017 Construction at Turbine Site on Bond Road (T01, T02, T03):




November 4, 2017 Construction at Turbine Site on Murphy Road (T04):




November 4, 2017 Construction at Storage Area Site on County Road 10:




November 4, 2017 Construction at Turbine Site on County Road 10 (T06):




November 4, 2017 Construction at Turbine Site on Royal Road (T05):




November 2, 2017 Construction at Turbine Sites on Royal Road (T08, T09, T10):




October 22, 2017 Construction at Turbine Sites on Bond Rd (T01, T02 & T03):




October 22, 2017 Construction on Murphy Rd (T04):




October 22, 2017 Construction on CR 10 (no work on T06):




October 22, 2017 Construction on Royal Rd (Substation – no work at all):




October 22, 2017 Construction and again on Royal Rd (T08, T09 & T10):







September 24 Construction at Turbine Sites on Bond Road (T01, T02 & T03), on CR 10 (T06) and on Royal Road (T08, T09 & T10)

T08,T09,T10 Click to expand

T01,T02,T03 Click to expand


T06 Click to expand

T01,T02,T03 Click to expand










October 2, 2017 Construction – Turbine Site on Bond Road – T01, T02 and T03:




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The fight against a controversial wind turbine project in Prince Edward County continues

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It was a packed house on County Road 10 on Monday night as close to 100 Prince Edward County Residents showed up to discuss the latest about the controversial wind turbine project.

Many are not pleased with wpd’s White Pines Project that was first proposed in 2009.

The original project wanted 29 wind turbines built. Now the plan is to build nine, near the south shore of Milford.

“I’ve never been so angry at anything in my life … (click here to see the Global News Video and article by Heather Senoran)

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