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Ontario MPP Todd Smith Calls on the Government to Halt wpd Construction

Todd Smith, the MPP member for Prince Edward Hastings speaks out to call upon the government to halt wpd construction and vegetation clearing. This is worth listening to.


Environment Minister Glen Murray refuses to meet with Mayor Quaiff

You may already know that Prince Edward County Mayor Robert Quaiff was rebuffed by both Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Minister of the Environment. If you would like to read the letter Mayor Robert Quaiff received here it is in full. Click here to read the letter.

Don’t you just love our politicians at Queens Park?


MPP Todd Smith writes the Environment Minister about the wpd White Pines Project

Protect ecosystem from damage from wind power, MPP Smith write to Environment Minister


MPP Todd Smith

July 17, 2015

Hon. Glen Murray
Ferguson Block
11th Flr 77 Wellesley St W
Toronto ON M7A 2T5

Dear Minister,

I am writing you today to express considerable distress with the decision of your Ministry yesterday as it pertains to the White Pines wind turbine development that is planned for the South Shore of Prince Edward County.

You’ll recall that earlier in the year, I wrote to you about the decision of the Ontario Court of Appeals regarding another project planned for the same ecosystem and almost the exact same location in Prince Edward County. At that time, the Ontario Court of Appeals had ruled that the Environmental Review Tribunal was right to state that the project would cause serious and irreversible harm to the ecosystem.

Click here to read the whole letter

Mayor Robert Quaiff to Premier Wynne and Minister Murray

Mayor Robert QuaiffMayor Robert Quaiff writes the Premier of Ontario and the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change. He expresses his dismay and concern of the recent Renewable Energy Approval to wpd White Pines Wind Incorporated (wpd) for 27 industrial wind turbines in the south of Prince Edward County.

You can read his letter by clicking here.


Action Request: Quinte News on-line poll

North Perth Councillor Warren Howard appeared before the Committee of the Whole yesterday seeking support in principle for a bylaw that would uphold the rights of municipalities to regulate wind turbine noise. Mr. Howard represents a working group of representatives from 21 municipalities that aims to form a coalition to fund this initiative.

Mr. Howard is asking Council to consider a financial contribution towards costs to draft the bylaw and defend it in court. The amount is at the discretion of Council but the goal is to collect $250,000 or more from all coalition members. Municipal Planning staff will report back to Council with its recommendation in May.  Please click here to read the deputation made at Council on February 13th.

Quinte News has quickly responded with an on-line poll that asks:

“Do you think Prince Edward County council should donate money and join a coalition to create stricter noise regulations that could serve [to] control wind farms?”

Please click on the link provided and cast your vote.

Let’s send a strong message that we fully support the rights of municipalities to regulate wind turbine noise.

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Political – Nov. 21, 2013 – Premier in town for Leal’s 10th anniversary bash

MPP Jeff Leal

MPP Jeff Leal

Outside the premier was met with boos, chants and placards.

Inside she was met with warm handshakes, introductions and applause.

Premier Kathleen Wynne met with boisterous wind farm protesters outside the Evinrude Centre Thursday night before heading inside for a private party to celebrate Peterborough MPP Jeff Leal’s 10-year milestone in provincial politics.

“I know that you have some concerns on wind turbines,” Wynne told the protesters who surrounded her outside the hockey arena. “I think you know that we are putting a new process in place. We acknowledge that there needs to be more community input and we are changing the process.”

There were two groups of protesters present Thursday night. The wind farm protestors, about 100 in total, were by far the loudest, singing chants, blowing whistles and encouraging honks from passing motorists.From the Peterborough Examiner … read the full report. Posted in Political, Uncategorized | Edit

Political – Oct 26, 2013 – Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli answers turbine questions

Posted on October 30, 2013 by

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli

Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli

Here from The Independent, are the responses received by the newspaper to a set of questions put to Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli, on the new procurement process for large-scale wind power projects. The announcement of the new process has been delayed. Once announced we expect the to be a lot more news coverage and commentary on this topic.

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