Ontario government failed to respond to wind turbine noise

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As per the notice to our members and a special investigation by Global News that was based on Freedom Of Information (FOI) acquired by Wind Concerns Ontario (WCO), the MOECC has not been investigating complaints on wind turbine noise in Ontario. This has been covered in a two part series by Global News. In the event you were not able to see the Global News airings on May 31st and June 1st, here are the links to Part 1 and Part 2.

Additionally, the concerns were brought up in the Ontario Legislature Question Period. Here are links to the Legislature Question Period video as well as the text where questions were raised.  And if you would like more detail, click on the Response to Wind Turbine Noise Complaints Report to view the detailed report created from the vast amount of emails and information collected after 2 years of WCO persistence to acquire the FOI.

If the WPD Canada White Pines Wind Project is to continue with the 9 remaining wind turbines around the Milford area in South Marysburgh, it is estimated that 500 people will be within 1500 metres of a wind turbine and may be in the same position as the many residents who made complaints in the following projects:

Southwestern Ontario wind farm complaints 2006 to 2014
442 – Enbridge Wind Farm in Kincardine
388 – Talbot Wind Farm in Chatham-Kent
236 – CAW Turbine in Port Elgin
179 – Marsh Line in Chatham-Kent
131 – Frogmore near Port Burwell
127 – Gosfield Wind Project in Kingsville
119 – Plateau Wind Farm in Grey County
117 – Harrow Wind Farm in Essex County
99 – Ripley Wind Power Project in Bruce County
69 – Conestogo in Drayton
55 – Kent Breeze in Chatham-Kent
54 – South Side in Essex County

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