White Pines wind power developer notifies intentions for vegetation clearing

On Good Friday APPEC had to sent a message to it’s members about a noticed it received from the WPD wind developers stating their intentions to start clearing vegetation and a request to the Environmental Review Tribunal to hear an urgent motion to lift the existing Stay on construction which prevents WPD from vegetation clearing in Blanding’s turtle spring foraging habitat. As a result, a number of news websites have published articles. Here are two:

From Wind Concerns Ottawa – Wind power developer uses threat to influence environmental agency
Power developer announcement it is about to clear land which is habitat for an endangered species is an attempt to force the Environmental Review Tribunal to issue a decision on the Prince Edward County wind power project, and proposed “remedies” for species at risk. Click here to read the article.

A volunteer Prince Edward County organization fighting to stop a big wind turbine project believes the hopeful wind farm developers are jumping the gun on the project. Click here to read the article.

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