Set Aside January 27, 2017 – last day of ERT hearings on White Pines Wind Project – Wellington Community Centre 10 am.

At long last we are reaching the end of the remedy hearing.  On Friday, January 27 APPEC and the other three Parties at this hearing will be making their final submissions to the Tribunal.  We hope that you will attend this important event to show your support.

Over the past ten months of this remedy hearing Eric Gillespie and his associates have given their all to ensure that APPEC’s interests are protected and our best case will be put forward.  They have put a staggering amount of time and effort into this case.  Eric is deeply committed to convincing the Tribunal that the White Pines Wind Project will cause serious and irreversible harm to Little brown bats and to the Blanding’s turtle and the new mitigations that have been added will do nothing to prevent this harm from occurring.

Together with PECFN (the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists), our partner in this appeal, let’s show our support on January 27th for Eric and his team and our gratitude for all the hard work they’ve done, for our ERT appeal of the White Pines wind project, and for the County’s South Shore.

It is extremely important that the ERT panel sees how important their decision is to the people of Prince Edward County.  It is felt that a strong show of attendance made a difference at the Ostrander Point hearings.

Please come out on this final day of ERT Hearings.  Then we will await a decision.

Date: Friday, January 27, 2017
Time: 10 am (this is expected to be a full-day session)
Location: Wellington and District Community Centre, Highline Hall, 111 Belleville St., Wellington

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