Large Renewable Procurement Process Suspended

On Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2016 the Ontario Ministry of Energy announced the suspension of the second round of its Large Renewable Procurement process (LRP II) for 1,000MW of renewable energy contracts.  These contracts were scheduled to be handed out in 2017.  The Energy Minister and the IESO have both stated that the power isn’t needed.  
This is good news for rural Ontario communities that were being prospected by wind and solar developers hoping to be awarded a lucrative contract from the government.
Unfortunately this suspension does not apply to the White Pines wind energy project proposed by WPD, which received its power procurement contract in 2010.  This project continues to threaten the South Shore of Prince Edward County.  It is only APPEC’s appeal through the Environmental Review Tribunal process that is preventing construction of this project.
The Ministry of Energy estimates that not proceeding with LRP II will save ratepayers and taxpayers up to 3.8 billion dollars. The Minister now has an opportunity to not only save money but also save the environment by cancelling the contract for the White Pines wind project.  This very poorly-sited project has been shown through the Environmental Review Tribunal appeal process to cause serious harm to migratory birds and serious and irreversible harm to two of the Province’s species at risk: Blanding’s turtles and Little Brown Bats. 
Yesterday (Thursday) the cross-examination of witnesses in the remedy portion of the White Pines ERT appeal concluded.  Cross-examinations were closed to members of the public.  The ERT was adjourned while cross-examinations were taking place and remains so until November when oral submissions will be made before the Tribunal.  The date and location for oral submissions has not yet been set.  We will keep you informed.
The next round of the remedy hearing is the filing of written submissions.  WPD and the Director of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change are scheduled to file their submissions on October 14 followed by APPEC on October 28. 
Orville Walsh
President, APPEC


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