American Bird Conservancy Press Release on Wind Turbines on Great Lakes shorelines

Canada-Warbler_Frode-Jacobsen_PR1-003Wind energy development does not belong along the Great Lakes shorelines says the American Bird Conservancy (ABC). For a copy of the press release click here. A high number of birds migrate along the Great Lake shorelines at altitudes that place them directly in the line of collision with wind turbines.  The Conservancy currently recommends a 5-mile (8-kilometres) setback from the shoreline but says that the setback may need to be extended based on new radar studies that are providing more information on migratory bird activity along the Great Lakes shorelines.

The White Pines wind project is in one of the locations where the American Bird Conservancy says that wind energy development does not belong.  14 of the projects’ 27 wind turbines are 2 kilometres or less from the Lake Ontario shoreline with the shortest distance only 400 metres from the shoreline.  Wind turbines are arranged in small clusters along a 15-kilometre stretch of shoreline.

How did White Pines get a Renewable Energy Approval from the government?  Here are some of the reasons.

The Ontario Government does not have:

  • ANY set back regulations (or even recommendations) for wind projects on the Great Lakes;
  • ANY studies, radar or otherwise, of migratory bird and bat activity along the Great Lakes shorelines;
  • ANY prohibitions on wind projects in Ontario including in Important Bird Areas such as the Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird and Biodiversity Area;
  • ANY requirement for wind energy developers to report on cumulative impacts of wind projects on migratory birds and bats.  There are 139 proposed or built wind turbines along the eastern Lake Ontario shoreline including the White Pines wind project (27 turbines), Wolfe Island (86 turbines) and Amherst Island (26 turbines).

You can read the London Free Press article on American Bird Conservancy by clicking here.

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