DID YOU VOTE “No” ON JULY 14, 2012?

If you did please consider giving to the South Shore Appeal Fund

Vote NOFour years ago this July, over 540 residents of South Marysburgh came out to vote at Milford Town Hall in a referendum arranged by The South Marysburgh Mirror. The referendum was restricted to residents and property owners of South Marysburgh, with proof of eligibility required. Voting was in person or by proxy.

Residents voted on a straightforward question: “Do you want industrial wind turbines installed in South Marysburgh like the ones proposed by wpd Canada and Gilead Power for their projects near Milford and on the south shore?”

The results were decisive with 90.2% of residents saying “NO”. The vote may have done nothing to stop the wind developers but the message from South Marysburgh residents was loud and clear: “No to turbines on the County’s south shore”.

The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC) is working hard to ensure that this historic referendum comes to a successful end. Our efforts are focused on taking legal action against wpd’s 27- turbine wind project through the Environmental Review Tribunal. These efforts are costly but effective: without them this project would be up and running by now, or close to it, and the County’s south shore would just be another notch under the provincial government’s belt.

To mark the occasion of the South Marysburgh referendum we are asking all residents who voted NO in 2012 to make a special donation of $100 or more to the South Shore Appeal Fund on or before July 14, 2016. All funds raised will be used to help pay for the upcoming ERT “remedy hearing” in July, where wpd will propose further mitigations for the Little Brown Bat and for Blanding’s turtles.

If you were one of the 540 residents who voted NO in 2012 please consider marking this occasion with a donation. Donations can be made by cheque or by PayPal on our website. Please write cheques to the South Shore Appeal Fund and mail to APPEC, P. O. Box 173, Milford, ON K0K 2P0. Please write “July 14, 2012” on the back of your cheque so we will know what your donation is specifically for. If donating by PayPal be sure to include a note with the date “July 14, 2012” or send a short message to contactus@appec.ca to let us know what your donation is for.

Donations for this special fundraising initiative will be kept separate and the total amount of donations raised will be announced in the August issue of The South Marysburgh Mirror.

The 2012 referendum was the first time citizens of this province who stood to be most impacted by industrial wind development were given an opportunity to decide for themselves, a right that was stripped from them in 2009 with the passing of the Green Energy Act. The results sent a strong message to wind developers, to County Council and to the provincial government. Make your vote count again by donating to the South Shore Appeal Fund.

Janna McCarthy
APPEC Fundraising Director

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