Mayor Quaiff’s email to council

Mayor Robert QuaiffMy Fellow Colleagues, I send you this message as my feelings and opinion on the agenda item we will deal with this Thursday about wpd, the following excerpt are my thoughts.

I urge you to agree with me that we don’t have a choice but to turn this motion down. I have fought for years to keep turbines out of the County, recognizing early on how badly they would affect everything we hold dear, not to mention our economy, our tourist industry and our property and business values. The contrary spin of the wind industry is professionally and effectively done but – please don’t for a moment believe their avaricious approach and intentions. We are now the “go to” destination in Ontario by those in the know. To approve these motions will eventually drive these well motivated and well – paying visitors away; it would also reduce property assessments and thus tax revenue. It would turn our paradise into a grubby factory, the end of a heartless string of turbines stretching from Wolfe Island through Ernestown and Amherst Island to our south shore. An indiscriminately as it spins and devastating to some of the most beautiful vistas and country side in Canada.

Over the years I have introduced and supported the not -a-willing – host moratorium and most recently the support of Wainfleet motions . I am proud to say that I was instrumental in forming the Wainfleet working group traveling up and down the 401 , meeting with Provincial Cabinet Ministers, challenging the Premier at every opportunity, being rejected because it’s before the courts.

I believe as deeply and as strongly as any man can that we have to stand up and say “NO MORE!” I cannot act contrary to those feelings or to sell my soul for what I feel is Blood Money.

We are men and women of principle and on principal and in our own best interests and those of our constituents let us act. I refuse to have my legacy seen as the Mayor who was a party to turbines in the County and in accepting what can be seen only as a bribe and you as Councillor’s should feel the same. “Community Benefit Fund” – my foot.

To accept these agreements would strengthen wpd’s position before the ongoing ERT. There are several deficiencies in the agreements . But above those considerations is the sheer arrogance of wpd in bringing them forward as if the ERT had not turned thumbs down on their 27 turbines at its first hearing , and the fact that it’s REA doesn’t exist or at best is in suspense until the second hearing has taken place. And this coupled with its statement that it was starting work. Arrogant and Greedy beyond belief.

I am also proud of my values instilled in me by my parents that I am a principled individual and I will not risk that treasured value in respect for them.
My Fathers favourite saying was ” You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”. I want no part of them nor of their bribe and I urge You to join me in voting a resounding “NO WAY” on Thursday.

Please call me if you would like to discuss.
Respectfully submitted
Your Mayor
Robert Quaiff

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