Update on APPEC’s motion for stay against wind developer WPD

Within days after the Environment Review Tribunal (ERT) upheld APPEC’s appeal of the White Pines wind project, wind developer WPD said that it would start work on the project on March 14, 2016. APPEC responded quickly with a motion for a stay on any physical activity on the White Pines project site.

At this time the Tribunal has still not issued a decision on APPEC’s motion.  Other parties have indicated they also wish to have some input in support of the stay motion.  The Tribunal has allowed a few days this week for those submissions and replies.

Reply documents to the stay motion from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change indicate that WPD needs to obtain approval from the Director for a Storm Water Management Plan for the project. In addition, WPD must give the Director 10 days written notice of its intent to start construction.  We believe that due to these conditions WPD will not be in a position to commence any activity until after March 19th.

We ask residents in the project area to remain vigilant and to report any activity on the project site to us immediately by sending an email to contactus@appec.ca.

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