REA Suspended but WPD wants to start construction work anyway

An Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) has concluded ​that the White Pines wind project will cause serious and irreversible harm​ to two endangered species, Little Brown Bats and Blanding’s turtles. ​ ​But wpd is saying that it will start vegetation clearing ​for its wind project anyway.

wpd’s decision to start clearing vegetation demonstrates how little respect it has for due process.  Rather than wait for the resumption of the ERT hearing where further evidence will be submitted on its project and for a final order from the Tribunal, ​wpd is bringing ​out the bulldozers and chainsaws.  To make matters worse ​wpd is proceeding just as the endangered Blanding’s turtle emerges from winter hibernation and as migratory birds begin to arrive.

APPEC has responded quickly to WPD’s disgraceful action by submitting a stay motion to the ERT asking for an order to prevent any physical activity at the project site until a date determined by the Tribunal.  The Tribunal​ is considering submissions on the motion.  A decision is expected ​soon.

Excavator wpd plans to use to clear vegetation

Excavator wpd plans to use to clear vegetation

In responding to APPEC’s motion ​for a stay wpd provided a photograph of the type of heavy machinery that it intends to utilize onsite.

wpd m​​ay call what it wants to do “vegetation-clearing” but a lot more is involved than this.  ​In reality wpd will be clearing significant wildlife habitat for endangered species such as the Blanding’s turtle and ​endangered ​grassland species ​​such as the Whip-poor-will, Eastern Meadowlark and Bobolink. ​ They would also be clearing the project site of Blanding’s turtles emerging from their over-wintering sites early this year after a mild fall and winter.  And ​wpd is perfectly willing to allow all of this habitat destruction for a wind project that has no assurance of ever being built.


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