Letter to APPEC Members – wpd White Pines Project Approved

Dear APPEC Members,

Regrettably the Ministry of the Environment has seen fit to issue a renewable energy approval (REA) to wpd White Pines Wind Inc. to construct 27 wind turbines in South Marysburgh and part of Athol.

Once again the Ministry has chosen to put the health and welfare of County residents (or using the Ministry’s terminology “receptors”) in jeopardy.  For the second time in as many years the Ministry has ignored the expert advice of conservation experts that a wind project on the County’s south shore will cause serious harm to wildlife. Not even the finding of an Environmental Review Tribunal that a wind project at Ostrander Point will cause serious and irreversible harm to the Blanding’s turtle was enough to deter the Ministry.

​While we had hoped this day would not come APPEC has been preparing for it for some time. ​We are presently reviewing the REA document and arranging to meet this weekend with our legal counsel to discuss the health and environmental ERT challenge as well as examine other options for a successful legal case against wpd​.

​​Some comfort ​can be taken in the fact that there is considerable expertise in the County and many allies in PECFN, SSC and CCSAGE Naturally Green​, in the media and in the municipal government who will ​contribute their expertise, time and efforts to protect the south shore. We also have a strong ally in the provincial government, Todd Smith MPP. ​In this regard we have enclose​d​ Todd’s letter to the Minister of the Environment Glen Murray on ​wpd’s approval (click here to view letter).

​Above all, your support is needed and appreciated to ensure a successful fight.


Gord Gibbins
Chair, APPEC

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