wpd’s 28 km high-voltage transmission line in Prince Edward County approved

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APPEC Press Release

Milford, ON/ March 20, 2015 — wpd Canada Corporation’s high-voltage transmission line in Prince Edward County has been approved by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). The 28 kilometre transmission line is needed to connect wpd’s 29-turbine White Pines wind project to the provincial electricity grid.

The transmission line, to be installed almost entirely in County road right of ways, extends from Royal Road south of Milford to the Elmbrook transformer station north of Picton. County landmarks impacted during construction of the line include Milford Black Creek Valley ANSI, Millenium Trail, Waring’s Creek Watershed, Big Swamp Provincially Significant Wetland and the roundabout at Loyalist Parkway and Cty Rd. 1. The transmission line, which wpd says will be buried, poses a threat to the stands of century-old maples lining Crowes Road and Maypul Layn Road.

Extensive excavation needed to bury the line is expected to cause structural damage to residential properties, including wells, heritage homes and some of the 600 + structures along the route.

wpd has provided little solid evidence about the transmission line.   Repeated requests for information and studies needed for a full assessment of the project have been ignored.

The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County is dismayed by the absurdity of the OEB approval of the 28 kilometre transmission line without prior regard to impacts on County Heritage landmarks, environmentally sensitive habitat and residential property structural damage without prearranged property owner agreements. The Alliance is frustrated even further by the fact that the OEB has granted approval without ensuring sufficient information was provided to the Prince Edward County Municipality to allow them to properly plan out the municipal right-of-way usage and understand the potential impact to County residences. We strongly object to an OEB approval process that does not properly protect residents, residential property and the environment.

We call on the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to reject the renewable energy application for the White Pines Wind Project.

For more information, please contact:

Paula Peel, Secretary
APPEC (Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County)

Click here to view the OEB Approval document

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