SUBMITTING COMMENTS on wpd’s White Pines Wind Project by MAY 10, 2014!

APPEC has put together a list of comments related to the revised wpd White Pines Project Heritage Assessment, the Heritage Interconnection Line and the Natural Heritage Assessment (NHA) reports. The Comments are being posted here to help concerned PEC residents raise their own comments and to submit them to the Ministry of the Environment (MOE). Our hope is that more people will submit comments by mail or email to express your concerns with the wpd White Pines Project in South Marysburgh and Athol stating the impact this project will have on our heritage, our homes and our natural environment. These are important things that APPEC members and supporters love and need to protect.

For your review, the APPEC Comments can be reviewed at these links: Heritage Assessment Comments , Heritage Interconnection Line Comments and Natural Heritage Assessment Comments. Any additional insights from these comments that you may have can be submitted to MOE at the postal or email address below.

Additionally, APPEC has put together a spreadsheet of all the resident buildings along the Interconnection Line where wpd will be laying power lines underground. Some wpd construction will occur within as little as 10 meters of buildings. A wpd report warns that damage due to vibration may occur for properties inside 40 meters from the excavation / construction. The 40 meters is a mitigation but is not being applied consistently as many of the buildings are within the 40 meters. Also it is not clear what solutions there are if the vibration level exceeds the maximum recommended or who is responsible to satisfactorily repair any damages.

As far as APPEC is aware, no wpd notification or agreements have been made with County residents. It might be worth your time to review the Structures along wpd Interconnection Line document and raise a comment if your home or buildings might be impacted by wpd construction along the interconnection / transmission lines.

APPEC has retained council to appeal to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of the Environment related to the transmission lines. By reviewing this document, you may have comments that you would like to submit, or inform friends that may be impacted to allow them to raise comments to the ministry (see mailing information below).

The deadline for submission of comments is May 10, 2014. Comments can be submitted by letter or email to the person noted below.

Ramona Afante
Senior Project Evaluator
Ministry of the Environment Operations Division
Environmental Approvals Branch 
2 St. Clair Avenue West, Floor 12A
Toronto, Ontario M4V 1L5 

OR     submit your comment by email to

Important – Be sure to include < EBR 012-1279 > in the subject line of your email or letter.

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