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Mount Tabor - Winter 2014

Mount Tabor – Winter 2014

Mount Tabor and its steeple are the focal point of the panoramic view that greets every resident and visitor as they approach the Village of Milford from the Old Milford Road. This iconic view of church and village is at risk from the White Pines Wind Project.

Almost 30 years ago, on 28 January 1986, Warden J.H. Walmsley signed By-law No. 1677 to protect the following special qualities of Milford’s Mount Tabor United Church:

“Highly picturesque on its height above the Mill Pond, and a reminder of the importance of the church in the Township, Mount Tabor’s steeple is the emblem and focal point of Milford. This building incorporates elements of gothic, classical, and Italianate styles in an admirably well-proportioned design. It remains virtually unspoiled since its construction in 1865, the very model of a community meeting hall.”

Six proposed turbines will be directly in the views of Mount Tabor and from Mount Tabor’s grounds. For up to 40 years, Turbines 1 to 6 will cause long-term harm to Milford’s picturesque landmark and community gathering place. The public has until May 10 to send comments to the Environmental Registry. This is your opportunity to explain why the protection of Mount Tabor is important to you, your family, the village and County visitors.

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