Action Request: Quinte News on-line poll

North Perth Councillor Warren Howard appeared before the Committee of the Whole yesterday seeking support in principle for a bylaw that would uphold the rights of municipalities to regulate wind turbine noise. Mr. Howard represents a working group of representatives from 21 municipalities that aims to form a coalition to fund this initiative.

Mr. Howard is asking Council to consider a financial contribution towards costs to draft the bylaw and defend it in court. The amount is at the discretion of Council but the goal is to collect $250,000 or more from all coalition members. Municipal Planning staff will report back to Council with its recommendation in May.  Please click here to read the deputation made at Council on February 13th.

Quinte News has quickly responded with an on-line poll that asks:

“Do you think Prince Edward County council should donate money and join a coalition to create stricter noise regulations that could serve [to] control wind farms?”

Please click on the link provided and cast your vote.

Let’s send a strong message that we fully support the rights of municipalities to regulate wind turbine noise.

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