Environment – Feb 6, 2014 – Ontario Wildlife Survey

Wind Concerns Ontario has set up an online survey that asks a simple question: Do you approve of Ontario’s birds and animals being killed to make way for large wind power generation projects? Poll closes end of day February 17th.

​​–>  ​Click here to go to survey

Please Note: to prevent abuse of the survey protocol, the website will only accept a single household’s vote from the same computer. APPEC has no control over this.

It may be a simple question but there is much at stake. As the survey site notes Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) issues permits to wind developers to kill the province’s species at risk including the threatened Blanding’s Turtle.   When the time comes we can be sure that the MNR will issue a permit to wpd Inc. for the Bobolink, Eastern Meadowlark and the Eastern Whip-poor-will.  Of course many other species of birds and animals will be killed, harmed and harassed during the construction and operational phase of the wind project but wpd will not require a permit for those.

The provincial government approves wind projects in Ontario’s Important Bird Areas, projects in alvar habitat and projects on rivers, streams and coastal shorelines.  The province approves projects that are adjacent to woodlands, valleylands and wetlands.  The province approves projects that are only 50 metres away from bat maternity colonies and projects that are on major migration routes.  The province approves projects that require killing Ontario’s threatened and endangered species.

Please take a moment to vote.  And encourage family and friends to vote as well on our website. Let’s do what our provincial government is refusing to do: Let’s Stand Up for Ontario’s wildlife.

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