Article – Feb 2, 2014 – Stand Up! … Ontario

Here is a youtube video and very catchy song with powerful lyrics and message about the Ontario government’s push to industrialize rural Ontario with giant industrial wind turbines to the dismay of local municipalities, residences and citizens.

While the video focuses in on the CAW Wind Energy Project, the message can be applied to most rural areas in Ontario where wind projects have been approved by the Ontario government. It can equally apply to local residences with expert environmentalists and health care individuals who are Standing Up by financing Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) appeals against our own Ontario government who are siding with the big wind industry to put our health, our environment and the future of our children at risk.

The video starts with a message ….

We the People of Ontario are currently fighting for our Nature, our Health, our Homes, and our Children’s future Against our own Government and Companies who have lots of financial resources.”

Please enjoy the youtube video and song.

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