Legal – Jan 17, 2014 – Letter from MPP Todd Smith – RE APPEC Legal Appeal


Ontario MPP Todd Smith

Our MPP Todd Smith sends some timely words of support and encouragement as we take our case to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice next week.  Mr. Smith has indicated to us that he will be monitoring the proceedings closely.  We are fortunate to have Mr. Smith as our provincial representative and also as one of our staunchest allies.     

In his letter Mr. Smith points out that “We have pushed a major wind developer, the Ministry of the Environment and the wind power lobby as far as anyone in Ontario has ever pushed them.”  Indeed this is the first time in the province that a decision by an Environmental Review Tribunal has been challenged in a higher court.  

The grounds for APPEC’s appeal are narrow: the Court will only consider whether errors of law were committed by the Environmental Review Tribunal (Robert Wright and Heather Gibbs) in arriving at their decision to dismiss APPEC’s case on health.  However APPEC’s grounds are solid. As Eric Gillespie will argue, the demands of the Environmental Review Tribunal far exceed the legal test that wind victims are “more likely than not” suffering serious harm to health from wind turbines.

Click here to read Mr. Smiths letter: Gilead Appeal Letter

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