Article – Dec. 5, 2013 – No Visual Impact Assessment? No problem.

The following article was published in the December 2013, The South Marysburgh Mirror.  Since this article describes the impact the planned wpd White Pines Wind Corp. project will have on the Prince Edward County south shore viewscape, it is being posted here to allow access from a wider audience beyond South Marysburgh.  

No Visual Impact Assessment? No problem.

by Paula Peel

You have to hand it to wpd for dealing with visual effects of their “White Pines” wind project in one sentence.  In their Project Description report, under “potential adverse effects”, wpd notes the following concern: “Disruption to the local viewscape from siting of project infrastructure”.  A column over, under “mitigation strategy” wpd notes that: “Turbines will be visible in the viewshed, although the scale of the turbines will not likely be invasive.”

Wpd is stating the obvious when they say that “turbines will be visible in the viewshed.”  How could turbines even higher than the “London Eye”, the giant ferris wheel that dominates London’s skyline, not be visible in the viewshed?   In good weather conditions wind turbines are visible up to 25 kilometres away.  On a clear day the wind turbines on Wolfe Island are visible from certain vantage points in the County and those are 40 kilometres away.   To continue reading click here.

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