Economy – Dec 3, 2013 – Ontario government releases its Long Term Energy Plan


On Monday Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government released its Long Term Energy Plan. One of the goals of the new Plan is to have 11% of Ontario’s energy supplied by wind by 2025.  To finance that goal a 33% increase in electricity rates has been approved over the next five years (the Ontario Taxpayers Federation says the actual increase will be closer to 42%). 

With this Plan Wynne’s government has drawn a line in the sand, solidly positioning Ontario as a “Willing Host” against 76 of Ontario’s municipalities (and counting) that have declared themselves to be “Unwilling Hosts”.  The government has put these 76 “Unwilling Hosts” on notice that like it or not wind turbine projects will go on being put in their communities. 

In an interview with CKWS TV News that aired yesterday at 6:00PM APPEC Chair Gord Gibbins noted his disappointment:  “Frankly the Ontario Government keeps seeming to be paying attention and then comes out with a policy that does absolutely nothing positive.”  The Liberal government is preparing to run its next election campaign on “a multi-billion dollar energy policy that features building industrial wind turbines with 20-30 percent efficiency rates that don’t provide power when you need them.”  

Read the whole story and watch the video clip from  News Watch  here.

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