ERT – The Evidence is in…

Friday was the last day of hearing evidence at the Ostrander Point ERT Appeal.


Final written submissions are due on Thursday June 13th and final oral reply to these submissions is scheduled for Friday June 21st. The Oral reply will be at the ERT offices located at 655 Bay Street and the public is welcome to attend.

A final decision from the Environmental Review Tribunal on both the PECFN and APPEC Appeals of the Ostrander Point Renewable Energy Approval will then be due on July 10th.

APPEC has a very long list of supporters to thank including all of those who testified on our behalf. Our expert witnesses gave freely of their time and energy to bolster a compelling case. Others, referred to in the hearings as Pre-Turbine and Post-Turbine witnesses (the real people threatened by this project as well as many already suffering quite unimaginable impacts of other Industrial Wind projects, already built around Ontario), travelled great distances, gave up many hours of their time and endured the invasion of their personal privacy and the pressures of testifying, to finally expose the truth surrounding Industrial Wind Generators.  Courage and caring for others are the hallmarks of their actions.

As our legal counsel now prepares for final submissions – we must again appeal to every person who supports this action, to add your own voice to this call for Justice.  A victory in this Appeal will have an important and immediate impact on halting every proposed Wind Development in this Province (and likely beyond, as well).

Please donate to this APPEAL – according to your means – simply go to the DONATE section of this website and send what you can, to help. We can stop this injustice but we need your help to do it!

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