Event – Upcoming APPEC Fund Raising Events

APPEC will be hosting a number of funding raising events to help raise funds to fight the White Pines Wind project plans to industrialize South Marysburgh and Athol with 50 story industrial wind turbines. Please SAVE THE DATES in your calendar and help Protect What We Love and stop wpd’s White Pine Wind Project.

Saturday, May 24th – Garage Sale (rain date Sunday, May 25th)
Spring cleaning is here and if you find something useful you are not using or no longer need, then please put it aside, we may need it for our Garage Sale. Details will follow, but start setting things aside now. APPEC and PECFN will share the funds.
Sunday, June 22nd – South Marysburgh Heritage House and Wine Tour
Come and explore the history of South Marysburgh. This tour includes resident’s Historic homes and buildings (rarely open to the public), wineries and a culinary taste of history with a Loyalist Tea. 
August – Shed Dance in the Milford Shed
Date to be arranged.

Volunteers are needed for both events: please contact Johanna McCarthy if you can volunteer for an hour or two or all day: jcmleewis@kos.net

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SUBMIT A COMMENT on wpd’s White Pines Wind Project by MAY 10, 2014!

Wpd’s application for a Renewable Energy Approval (REA) has been deemed complete by the Ministry of the Environment. The next step in the process is to take comments from the public.

The 60 day comment period commenced March 11, 2014 and the deadline for submission of comments is May 10, 2014. Comments can be submitted by email or letter to the person noted below.

Ramona Afante
Senior Project Evaluator
Ministry of the Environment Operations Division
Environmental Approvals Branch
2 St. Clair Avenue West, Floor 12A
Toronto, Ontario  M4V 1L5

OR submit your comment by email to ramona.afante@ontario.ca .

Important – Be sure to include < EBR 012-1279 > in the subject line of your email or letter.

A wide range of negative impacts are associated with wpd’s wind project.   You may simply wish to write about one or more negative impacts you are personally concerned about such as:

  • The impact on health and nuisance impacts from noise generated by the turbines. Loss of enjoyment and use of property.
  • The impact on your home/business from construction and on-going commercial operation including business loss.
  • The detrimental impact on historic landscape features, such as the 100 year old maple trees on Maypul Layn Road and on recognized designated Cultural Heritage structures.
  • Shadow flicker, ice throw, flashing warning lights at night.
  • The detrimental visual effect of 29 towering wind turbines randomly dispersed throughout South Marysburgh and part of Athol. The impact on iconic scenic views and rural features such as split rail fencing, old barns, pastures, wetlands and woods.
  • The Prince Edward County South Shore Important Bird Area used by millions of birds on an annual basis. The impact on migratory birds (eg. Peregrine Falcons, Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles) and resident birds (Osprey, Herons, Hawks) and on the many species of risk found on the south shore.

Those who have the time and inclination to comment on wpd’s reports visit   http://canada.wpd.de/projects/in-canada/white-pines/renewable-energy-approval-rea-documentation.html or your local library. Please make sure that you view only the revised reports.

Effective comments are those that bring the deficiencies in the project documentation to light. Commenting on other issues such as hydro rates or the questionable value of wind turbines to energy supply are known to fall on deaf ears at the MOE.   Keep the comments factual and respectful.

Please remember to direct your comments to Ramona Afante (mail and email addresses noted above). You may wish to send copies to Premier Wynne, to the Minister of the Environment and to the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC):

Premier Kathleen Wynne,
Legislative Building, Queen’s Park,
Toronto, ON  M7A 1A1
< premier@ontario.ca  >
 Jim Bradley, MPP Minister of the Environment,
77 Wellesley Street West
11th Floor, Ferguson Block
Toronto ON  M7A 2T5
< minister.moe@ontario.ca >
Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County
P.O. Box 173
Milford, ON  K0K 2P0
< contactus@appec.ca >
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Mar. 11, 2014 – OEB – APPEC Report #1 on Ontario Energy Board (OEB) hearing

Ontrio Energy Board logo#2

This is the first of multiple planned APPEC reports on the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) hearings for the wpd White Pines Wind Project.

Last December the APPEC board requested Intervenor Status at the OEB hearing for wpd’s 28 kilometre high-voltage Transmission Line from Royal Road to a new electrical substation on Gorsline Road, north of Picton. The board has recently learned that APPEC has been granted Intervenor Status. APPEC will now be able to bring forward issues at the hearing, present its position and seek clarification from wpd through cross-examination.

The OEB also decided to grant APPEC a cost award. The cost award is particularly important as it allows APPEC to have legal representation at the hearing. Without legal counsel anyone who wanted to participate in the hearing would be effectively neutered as wpd surely knew when it asked the OEB to deny APPEC’s request for a cost award.

In a letter to the OEB wpd noted its concerns with all the requests for Intervenor Status including requests by APPEC, the municipality of Prince Edward County and property owners on the transmission line route. However wpd made note of its “additional concerns with the proposed participation of APPEC.” The OEB must not have found wpd’s reasons too compelling as almost all of the requests for Intervenor Status were granted.

From what one can tell from wpd’s letters on the OEB website they are intent on taking control of the proceedings. Through their lawyer Patrick Duffy of Stikeman Elliott wpd has been telling the OEB what its mandate is, what the proper issues are and what regulations – in its view at least – do not apply and in general throwing its weight around.

For now the OEB intends to proceed by way of a written hearing. The board will decide whether an oral hearing is required after the discovery phase of the proceeding.

Wpd will be contacting property owners on the Transmission Line route wpd has been advised by the OEB that a leave to construct the Transmission Line shall not be granted until wpd satisfies the Board that “it has offered or will offer to each owner of land affected by the approved route or location an agreement in a form approved by the Board”.

This OEB link will take you directly to the OEB website where you can view correspondence on the wpd application (OEB number EB 2013-0339) for leave to construct transmission facilities in Prince Edward County.

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Article – Turbines over Milford

QMI Agency file photoLiz Driver and Edwin Rowse of APPEC and PEHAC (Prince Edward Heritage Advisory Committee) have been working to protect something they love and are passionate about: Prince Edward County heritage landscape and designated heritage properties. They have had a professional produce a video to accurately simulate important heritage views that the proposed White Pines Wind Project wind turbines will impact. To read a short article and view the video, please go to this Wellington Times link.

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Action Request: Quinte News on-line poll

North Perth Councillor Warren Howard appeared before the Committee of the Whole yesterday seeking support in principle for a bylaw that would uphold the rights of municipalities to regulate wind turbine noise. Mr. Howard represents a working group of representatives from 21 municipalities that aims to form a coalition to fund this initiative.

Mr. Howard is asking Council to consider a financial contribution towards costs to draft the bylaw and defend it in court. The amount is at the discretion of Council but the goal is to collect $250,000 or more from all coalition members. Municipal Planning staff will report back to Council with its recommendation in May.  Please click here to read the deputation made at Council on February 13th.

Quinte News has quickly responded with an on-line poll that asks:

“Do you think Prince Edward County council should donate money and join a coalition to create stricter noise regulations that could serve [to] control wind farms?”

Please click on the link provided and cast your vote.

Let’s send a strong message that we fully support the rights of municipalities to regulate wind turbine noise.

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Environment – Feb 6, 2014 – Ontario Wildlife Survey

Wind Concerns Ontario has set up an online survey that asks a simple question: Do you approve of Ontario’s birds and animals being killed to make way for large wind power generation projects? Poll closes end of day February 17th.

​​–>  ​Click here to go to survey

 Please Note: to prevent abuse of the survey protocol, the website will only accept a single household’s vote from the same computer. APPEC has no control over this. 

It may be a simple question but there is much at stake. As the survey site notes Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) issues permits to wind developers to kill the province’s species at risk including the threatened Blanding’s Turtle.   When the time comes we can be sure that the MNR will issue a permit to wpd Inc. for the Bobolink, Eastern Meadowlark and the Eastern Whip-poor-will.  Of course many other species of birds and animals will be killed, harmed and harassed during the construction and operational phase of the wind project but wpd will not require a permit for those. 

The provincial government approves wind projects in Ontario’s Important Bird Areas, projects in alvar habitat and projects on rivers, streams and coastal shorelines.  The province approves projects that are adjacent to woodlands, valleylands and wetlands.  The province approves projects that are only 50 metres away from bat maternity colonies and projects that are on major migration routes.  The province approves projects that require killing Ontario’s threatened and endangered species.      

Please take a moment to vote.  And encourage family and friends to vote as well on our website. Let’s do what our provincial government is refusing to do: Let’s Stand Up for Ontario’s wildlife.

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Article – Feb 2, 2014 – Stand Up! … Ontario

Here is a youtube video and very catchy song with powerful lyrics and message about the Ontario government’s push to industrialize rural Ontario with giant industrial wind turbines to the dismay of local municipalities, residences and citizens.  

While the video focuses in on the CAW Wind Energy Project, the message can be applied to most rural areas in Ontario where wind projects have been approved by the Ontario government. It can equally apply to local residences with expert environmentalists and health care individuals who are Standing Up by financing Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) appeals against our own Ontario government who are siding with the big wind industry to put our health, our environment and the future of our children at risk.

The video starts with a message ….

We the People of Ontario are currently fighting for our Nature, our Health, our Homes, and our Children’s future Against our own Government and Companies who have lots of financial resources.”

Please enjoy the youtube video and song.

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